EcoDrive is a dual-stage, oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pump equipped with a high-efficiency brushless DC motor. With a new advanced feature called “Eco Mode”, the pump runs at peak efficiency, optimizing both energy consumption and noise. This technology is ideal for industrial applications due to its performance and reliability, ensuring long-term productivity.

  • Dual Stage Oil Sealed Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump
  • cUL Approved
  • Two Shift Adjustable Gas Ballast Valve
  • Anti-suck back Design
  • Forced Oil Circulation System

Technical Specification

Displacement speed m3/h (L/s) 60Hz 30 (8.3)
Ultimate Total Pressure without Gas Ballast Pa 8×10-1
Ultimate Total Pressure with Gas Ballast Pa 8
Power Ssupply Single Phase
Power Rating kW 1.1
Motor speed rpm (60Hz) 1500
Inlet/Outlet KF25
Ambient Temperature 10-40
Oil capacity liters 2.2
Noise level dB ≤58
Weight kg 30
lbs 66
Dimensions mm 607*188*300
inch 23.9*7.4*11.8


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