Corrosion-Resistant · No Oil Leakage

ShieldDrive is a dual-stage, oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pump with a brushless DC motor optimized for efficiency and leak-free operation. It employs static sealing with a mechanical shield and magnetic coupling designs, offering complete protection against oil migration. Ideal for laboratory use, its robust design guarantees leak-free performance in critical applications.

  • Corrosion-Resistant: Designed with a proprietary coating to perform in corrosive applications.
  • Leak-Free Operation: Magnetic shield design enhances the connection between the motor and pump to ensure leak-free operation.
  • Brushless DC Technology: Low noise. Energy-saving.
  • Anti Suck Back Design: Protecting vacuum system from oil contamination during an unexpected shutdown.
  • Eco Mode: The pump is equipped with a variable-frequency motor, and the Eco Mode allows the pump to run at peak efficiency, optimizing both energy consumption and noise.
  • Gas Ballast: Adjustable gas ballast allows for the different requirements of condensable gas to be exhausted.
  • Oil: Proprietary mineral oil included with the pump. All models can also be prepped with high-performance PFPE

Technical Specification

Displacement speed m3/h 2.5
Ultimate Total Pressure without Gas Ballast Pa 5 x 10-1
Ultimate Total Pressure with Gas Ballast Pa 3
Power Supply Single Phase
Power Rating W 250W
Motor Speed rpm 1800
Inlet/Outlet KF16
Ambient Temperature °C 10-40
Oil Capacity liter 0.33
Noise Level dB ≤50
Weight kg 10
lbs 22
Dimensions (L*W*H) mm 310*114*168
inch 12.2*4.5*6.6


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