HelixDrive is an ultra-compact, oil-free dry screw vacuum pump. Its unique coaxial design, with an integrated motor, enhances both efficiency and reliability. Its proprietary coating protects the pump from the most demanding industrial applications. Ideal for harsh applications where oil is not tolerated.

  • Compact Design: As one of the most innovative designs, this dry screw pump delivers fast pumping speed in an ultra-compact package.
  • Oil-Free Operation: Ideal for harsh applications where oil is not tolerated.
  • Temperature Management: Our temperature management system is optimized for the most effective cooling. Our larger pumps are water-cooled to enhance the performance of the pump, while our smaller pumps are air-cooled for easy operation.

Technical Specification

Pumping speed (60Hz) m3/h (CFM) 100
Ultimate Pressure mbar (Torr) 3.0×10-2, (2.2×10-2)
Gas Purge Dry Nitrogen/Dry Compressed Air slm 0-60
Gas Purge Pressure Mpa 0.15-0.2
Gas Purge Joint Quick joint for air pipe Φ6mm
Power Rating kW 3
Current at Ultimate Pressure A 4
Peak Current A 7
PID Functions Yes
Analog Input Yes
Communication Function MODBUS-RTU
Inlet/Outlet KF40
Water Vapor Treatment Capacity g/h 800
Cooling Mode Water Cooling
Noise dB ≤60
Weight kg 205
lbs 452
Dimensions (L*W*H) mm 899.2*464.8*548.6
inch 35.4*18.3*21.6


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