BoostDrive is a high-speed roots-style blower designed to enhance your backing pump in a compact design. With performance in mind, pump downtime is decreased while optimizing ultimate vacuum pressure. This unique design makes it an excellent choice for various industries, including chemical processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and semi-conductor coating.

  • Performance: With pumping speed up to 600 m3/h, this roots-style blower will outperform pumps twice its size.
  • Compact Design: As one of the most innovative designs, this dry roots-style blower delivers fast pumping speed in an ultra-compact package.
  • System flexibility: Designed with flexibility in mind, this roots-style blower can be paired with a backing pump to optimize pumping efficiency.

Technical Specification

Pumping Speed (60Hz) m3/h 720
Ultimate Pressure Pa 3 x 10-2
Max. Permissible Pressure Difference (60Hz) Pa 8 x 103
Backing Pump (Recommended) / UD100
Power Supply / 460V/60Hz
Power Rating kW 1.5
Oil Viscosity / 100
Inlet mm DN100
Outlet mm DN63
Ambient Temperature °C 5-40
Noise dB(A) 63
Weight kg 98.9
lbs 218
Dimensions (L*W*H) mm 779.8*284.5*254
inch 30.7*11.2*10


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