Industrial Vacuum Pump Solutions


Analytical Instruments

NAVAC Vacuum pumps offer many advantages when employed for the analytical instruments industry. These pumps are engineered to ensure a consistent and reliable vacuum performance, crucial for maintaining the integrity and accuracy of analytical measurements. NAVAC’s pumps boast superior efficiency, reducing energy consumption and operational costs while maximizing productivity.

Automotive Manufacturing

NAVAC Vacuum pumps provide many benefits in automotive manufacturing processes. Designed with advanced technology and high-performance capabilities, NAVAC pumps ensure efficient vacuum service, critical for various stages of automotive production. Focused on reliability, NAVAC pumps not only reduce pump down time, but also help remove contamination from molds, ensuring precise and flawless parts manufacturing.


NAVAC Vacuum pumps offer many benefits for battery manufacturing processes. Designed with high efficiency and precision in mind, these pumps ensure optimal conditions for the intricate stages of battery production. NAVAC pumps’ robust design and advanced technology enable them to effectively remove contaminants and maintain consistent vacuum levels, critical for achieving the desired battery performance and longevity.

Chemical Vapor Deposition

NAVAC Vacuum pumps offer many advantages when utilized in Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) processes. Designed with uptime in mind, NAVAC pumps utilize an advanced design featuring heavy particulate management. Focused on reliable and optimal vacuum levels, NAVAC pumps are essential for CVD operations where uniform and high-quality thin film deposition is critical.

Custom Solutions

NAVAC Vacuum pumps can be used in many custom industrial applications. With expandability in mind, NAVAC Vacuum can design a customized system engineered to meet your needs while ensuring the system will be future proof. Performance, Reliability, Service: empowering you to work smarter.

Essential Oil Extraction

NAVAC Vacuum pumps provide many benefits for essential oil extraction processes, making them a standard component for the industry. Designed with safety in mind, these pumps are optimized for applications such as cannabis production where technologies like explosion-proof motors are used to ensure safe operation.

Food/Vacuum Packaging

NAVAC Vacuum pumps are optimized for food vacuum packaging applications. With freshness in mind, NAVAC pumps are designed for optimal performance, ensuring the preservation of food freshness and quality. By creating a vacuum within the packaging, NAVAC pumps effectively remove air, preventing oxidation and microbial growth, thereby extending the shelf life of perishable goods.

Freeze Drying

NAVAC Vacuum pumps offer many benefits for freeze drying processes, making them the standard in residential and batch freeze drying applications. With reliability in mind, NAVAC pumps are designed to remove moisture and contaminants from the process with minimal effort and downtime.

Heat Treatment/Metallurgy

NAVAC Vacuum pumps provide many advantages for heat treatment and metallurgy processes. With longevity in mind, NAVAC vacuum pumps ensure optimal conditions by efficiently removing unwanted gases and contaminants from the heat treatment chamber, resulting in superior quality and consistency in the treated materials.


NAVAC Vacuum pumps are optimal for scientific and laboratory settings. With portability and reliability in mind, NAVAC pumps are critical for research and development. NAVAC pumps feature advanced technology to ensure quiet operations while providing a reliable vacuum level essential for various laboratory applications.


NAVAC Vacuum pumps are designed for sterile applications such as hospitals and medical environments. With sanitation and safety in mind, NAVAC pumps are engineered to remove contaminants such as bacteria and microbes from the sterilization chamber.


NAVAC Vacuum pumps provide many benefits when used in thermoforming processes. Designed with repeatability and robustness in mind, NAVAC pumps use advanced technology to ensure optimal vacuum levels, critical for achieving precise forming results.

Vacuum Lifting

NAVAC Vacuum pumps are a great compliment to vacuum lifting applications. Designed with reliability and safety in mind, NAVAC vacuum pumps offer enhanced efficiency ensuring safe vacuum lifting. These robust pumps provide exceptional suction power which allows the user to secure heavy loads no matter where they are.